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We hope you’ll give us few minutes and read this page till the end. May be you dont want it, but we’ll make you interested! You will not regret diving with us in Thailand on Phuket!
We are very passionate about sea and we would like to share this passion with you! Diving on Phuket is one of the best things you can do here! And doing it with professionals is very very interesting and important! We have very cheap prices both for experienced divers as well as for people who is very new to diving. Looking for discounts? Here they are! There are so many opportunities in Thailand! You can learn more of them by just scrolling down and reading!

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May be you just want to fill emtpiness of your holidays? Come with us! Our people will tell a lot of good stories, will show you beautiful places and will give you a lot of fun!


May be you came to a whole new country and absolutely do not know it, what to do and where to go. Or may be you just think about coming to Thailand? Pay attention to us, we will not only provide daily diving services, but also safari, evening meetings and sightseeings! You’ll get to know a lot more than you know now and will have fun!




We’re providing different diving services, including diving courses! Do you want to have international diving certificate?? Come to us! May be you want dives in interesting and beautiful places?? Come to us! Don’t walk away! We’have extremely sweety prices!

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SSI Dive Center #766561
TAT registration number 34/01743

Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-8pm